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SuSE, openSUSE From SuSE Linux 8.1 on, YaST2 comes with a new, powerful package manager. It supersedes the classic YaST2 single package selection and integrates the YaST Online Update (YOU) and post-installation add-on selection at the same time. It lays the foundation for supporting multiple installation sources like a traditional set of SuSE CDs, add-on product CDs, patch CDs, FTP servers or even local directories - all of which may contain software packages to install. Specially optimized versions were implemented for both graphical user interface (the YaST2 Qt UI) or text interface (the YaST2 NCurses UI), providing each type of user with the tool that best fits his needs. Read more for the commentary.
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(I didn't take the time to read all comments, so I apologize if this has been hit already.) You (Euginia) also gripe about the fact that they can't be exact on the versioning, but I dont think you realize that the package manager is also supposed to be able to install packages that ARE NOT distributed by SuSE, for example, nVidia driver .rpms
Other than that, for SuSE to force a standardized versioning scheme on all included packages would be a waste of time! What happens when I want to check my version of, say wine, is up to date, and my distro says i'm version 4.3, while the site lists files as cvsYYYYMMDD files? Will I be confused? The ---- I will be! Whoa, SuSE just paid HOW MANY people to make WHAT standard version scheme to help me DO WHAT?

Oh, and if you have trouble with any of the points provided here, try to remember that SuSE is trying to provide a useful, powerful OS out of the box for someone who knows what they're doing.