Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 31st May 2005 23:18 UTC, submitted by Robert Szeleney
SkyOS A new video from the SkyOS site shows off the IndexFeeder and the Viewer displaying live results. The video was captured in VMWare showing a few queries made over a 40GB attribute and file content indexed filesystem. There is also a document explaining a few internals of the indexing system used in SkyOS.
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RE: Robert
by Thom Holwerda on Wed 1st Jun 2005 09:14 UTC

What would help would be a mockup, a sample implementation, a concept, a specification, which respects Fitts Law. Interested in making one? (You know, this is much more time consuming then "just" talking about a new GUI concept)."

Robert, I've done a mockup. It's in those threads, as you will probably know. Also, I made a guide on how to exactly mimick my ideas in KDE. That's even better than a mockup. You know, even SkyOS' lead graphics designer made & posted a mockup!

The mockup + explanation by me:

My guide as to how to achieve it on KDE:

SkyOS' lead graphics designer mockup, based on my ideas:

Those are just a small selection of threads. In total, there are about 7 threads discussing this issue. You couldn't have missed the ones above, Robert.

And please don't condemn people about not knowing what Fitt's Law is. They don't have to know. The developers have to know about it.

Yeah, I know people don't need to know Fitts' Law; my point is: if you know fcuk all about something, then don't talk about it. The kids in the SkyOS community don't really get that, that's obvious.

But hey, what am I to do? There were enough people inside the community willing to make the GUI subject of a proper discussion (heck, each member of the SkyOS team asked me to bring this up in the forums multiple times!); yet, the kids came in and flamed the discussions dead. I want something like this to be discussed in public. That is impossible in the SkyOS forums and impossible on irc as you don't go there anymore (understandable). I don't want to discuss this over IM; two people cannot discuss a UI, that must be done with a group of sensible people.

Thom, please try to stop this discussion here on osnews. If you want to talk about this further, you know how you can contact me.

As said above, discussions concerning UI should be made in public. If this requires heavy moderation on the forums to weed out the kiddos, than so be it.