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SuSE, openSUSE From SuSE Linux 8.1 on, YaST2 comes with a new, powerful package manager. It supersedes the classic YaST2 single package selection and integrates the YaST Online Update (YOU) and post-installation add-on selection at the same time. It lays the foundation for supporting multiple installation sources like a traditional set of SuSE CDs, add-on product CDs, patch CDs, FTP servers or even local directories - all of which may contain software packages to install. Specially optimized versions were implemented for both graphical user interface (the YaST2 Qt UI) or text interface (the YaST2 NCurses UI), providing each type of user with the tool that best fits his needs. Read more for the commentary.
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Comparing like with like
by Drone on Sun 15th Sep 2002 08:15 UTC

With all due respect, you're not comparing like to like when comparing pretty much any Linux package manager against Windows Update. It's only purpose is maintaining a _tiny_ set of packages, all of which is controlled by MS. Drivers too, given they have to be signed to even make it anywhere near the update.

When Windows Update updates and manages _everything_ I have installed under Windows, I believe you'll have a point. Until it does, you're trying to compare things which have vastly different scope.

In any case, bar the lack of any GUI at all, APT solves all of those problems, and does it platform and package manager independently. And not just for a handfull of core packages, for 7000+ packages making up Debian.

YAST2 sure does look like all kinds of wrong from the screenshots, but comparing it to Windows Update is just plain looney.