Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 31st May 2005 23:18 UTC, submitted by Robert Szeleney
SkyOS A new video from the SkyOS site shows off the IndexFeeder and the Viewer displaying live results. The video was captured in VMWare showing a few queries made over a 40GB attribute and file content indexed filesystem. There is also a document explaining a few internals of the indexing system used in SkyOS.
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re: brandon
by hobgoblin on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 09:49 UTC

99% of the time if the compiler used is the same it will work on many distros. what you will run into tho is diffrent locations for stuff like config files and installation tools.

hell, for a long time there have been a alien tool thats able to transform a rpm (used by red hat, suse and others) into a deb (used by debian and derivatives) and it should work nicely.

point is that all these package formats are basicly renamed tar-balls with some added files to tell the database and tools where the diffrent files are supposed to go and what to do if your updating a old version (overwrite, with or without backup, the configfiles or leave them alone and write the new one next to it so that the admin can look it over and see what have changed to adapt the old config into the new file).

only a few times have binary compatiblity shown up and then mostly in red hat as they tryed to get ahead of the pack by using a development version of gcc or similar.

allso, isnt skyos using a lot of open source software, but recompiled to run on their kernel? they would have had a lot less apps this early in development if they could not help them selfs to the open source apps out there.