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SkyOS A new video from the SkyOS site shows off the IndexFeeder and the Viewer displaying live results. The video was captured in VMWare showing a few queries made over a 40GB attribute and file content indexed filesystem. There is also a document explaining a few internals of the indexing system used in SkyOS.
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Re: actually
by Anonymous on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 09:59 UTC

Yes, I had read that prior versions were open source/free. And I agree, there are benefits to closed source operating systems, including the assurance that "software will just work".

And it's not that there's anything wrong with the software. It's the fact you can't audit the code, or modify it to meet your specific needs, or learn from it!

Windows is a good example of this. There's tons of great software available for it. Microsoft offers an expansive API for developers to utilize. But, unfortunately, it's closed source. You can't audit the code and you have to "trust" that Microsoft does The Right Thing. I certainly wouldn't equate SkyOS with Windows when it comes to trust, but its still disappointing to see a project in this day and age closed to the public.

But don't get me wrong - I will heartily agree that one of Linux's greatest strengths - its openess - is also its greatest weakness. Being pulled in TOO many directions can weaken (or at least slow) the development of even great software. Sometimes one unambiguous direction is the best path for development, but I'd rather see that direction chosen by a community than a board of directors or a very select few.