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SuSE, openSUSE From SuSE Linux 8.1 on, YaST2 comes with a new, powerful package manager. It supersedes the classic YaST2 single package selection and integrates the YaST Online Update (YOU) and post-installation add-on selection at the same time. It lays the foundation for supporting multiple installation sources like a traditional set of SuSE CDs, add-on product CDs, patch CDs, FTP servers or even local directories - all of which may contain software packages to install. Specially optimized versions were implemented for both graphical user interface (the YaST2 Qt UI) or text interface (the YaST2 NCurses UI), providing each type of user with the tool that best fits his needs. Read more for the commentary.
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Yast2 - User and admin - has not the same needs.
by Anonymous on Sun 15th Sep 2002 15:26 UTC

1) Yast from user point - it sucks. Seems too complicated.
2) Yast from power user, or system administrator, point - not needed. Im happy with make, .rpm or .dep from command line. But yes, it tells me everything I need to know.

Why 1: "Joe user" needs a dead simple way to update his/her computer, dead simple is "click here to update/install". No more info is needed or welcome. All the rest should have been taken care of by the one who took my money (SUSE in this case, MS in many other cases). MS does that well. Sure MS fails sometimes but 99% of the time their updates works.

Why 2: Many times a power-user has a modified system, and he/she knows what he/she is doing. Sure all help is welcome, even a GUI, but its not _needed_.

Before claiming that I do not know what Im writing: This is written on Mozilla (built from CVS) on a heavilly modified SuSe 7.1 running OpenBox as "GUI". My laptop is running debian woody. Woody installed over network. Has working suspend, sound, X and so on (had to tweak it to get sound). My play thing is running Win98 (no reinstall done for several years). Ive been administrating NT4, Win2k, Linux RedHat/SuSe (both clean distros and modified version) servers.

So yes, I have tested some OS package managers. And yes Ive had my part of "dll hell" (MS), "dependency hell" (.rpm, .dep) and broken installations (both Win and Linux). And it does not really matter on which OS your on, it always suck.