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Red Hat "We see the desktop as only a piece of the entire operating system product; integration must extend beyond the desktop. We also believe that users care most about functionality and integration rather than the underlying technology. For these reasons, we have created a single desktop look and feel for Red Hat Linux rather than maintaining two unrelated configurations." Very good stuff over there from Owen Taylor, the Red Hat Desktop Team member.
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say amen
by George on Mon 16th Sep 2002 09:21 UTC

you can't tie 2 different things together and say "look it's one". kde is already well integrated and offers everything, so i don't see the point forking gnome inside of it. that's plain stupid and makes no sense.


running the kde desktop, having galeon running while i know that it requires gnome, mozilla to run.

- kde with all it's libraries
- gnome with all it's libraries
- mozilla

to run 'galeon'

how more complicated do you want your desktop ? not to mention that you can use konqueror for that task by knowing that you don't need all the gnome libraries stuff etc.

same goes for kde.

running gnome-desktop, installing kdelibraries and stuff to have e.g. koffice running.

or better.. crossoverplugins..

now let us all sum that together, this gives you the biggest pile of mixtured shit that exists. you can come up and argue 'the best of all desktops' but hey, think clearly. this is the worst nightmare ever.

not to mention that redhat nowadays is the most hated distribution ever. they don't care for ideals anymore they care for money, money and more money. they would also sell their 60-70 years mothers as a 15 years old virgin to their customers....