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Red Hat "We see the desktop as only a piece of the entire operating system product; integration must extend beyond the desktop. We also believe that users care most about functionality and integration rather than the underlying technology. For these reasons, we have created a single desktop look and feel for Red Hat Linux rather than maintaining two unrelated configurations." Very good stuff over there from Owen Taylor, the Red Hat Desktop Team member.
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Re: say no to comercialism
by Dekkard on Mon 16th Sep 2002 09:26 UTC

i am not a friend of redhat nor am i a friend of the comercialism of the gnome desktop and no, i am no kde user.
It's very clear you're not a friend of Gnome, more like you have a visceral hate :/

3 years ago:

- kde 1, 2000 users
- gnome 1, 2000 users


- kde 3, 3500 users
- gnome 2, 500 users

Funny thing, according to your numbers, there's been no increase in the number of users. I'm sure there was, linux-desktop bitching aside. What I mean is that you just made this up from nothing ;)

gnome is definately not doing the right job otherwise they don't loose so many people every day.
That's what you said with those numbers, that don't seem reliable to me.

gnome will normalize again when companies like sun, redhat and ximian go and care for their own crappy stuff without itching their nose into other people's work.
Unlike many other companies, they help. They contribute source code, testing and even money. What's so wrong about that? If you read the way the Gnome foundation works, you'd understand companies can't change the way Gnome is developed in a drastical way. And anyway, free software developers will leave if they don't like the situation (something that doesn't look to be very fashionable among the Gnome developers).

working for gnome today is like beeing a free co-operate worker for sun, redhat or ximian. so basically no one who cas 200gr. brain in his head will contribute to gnome. contribute to gnome today and see your software slaughtered by the big companies for money tommorow.
Or even better, don't work for ANY free software product, since many companies get benefit from your work, perhaps (God forbid) even your OWN company (less to pay for licenses, more to pay workers, or at least not to get red numbers). And as I said up, those companies are no absolute leechs, they contribute.

you people should investigate into slashdot and the gnome mailinglist, after the official gnome 2 announcement a shitload of people rant and complain about gnome.
I guess specially slashdot, I'm sure it will be the most objective source of info. BTW, they sound like Gnome trolls... but it can't be,there aren't any around for sure... really...

thats pure fact.
Thanks for the enlightenment, now I see the world in a completely different way.