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Red Hat "We see the desktop as only a piece of the entire operating system product; integration must extend beyond the desktop. We also believe that users care most about functionality and integration rather than the underlying technology. For these reasons, we have created a single desktop look and feel for Red Hat Linux rather than maintaining two unrelated configurations." Very good stuff over there from Owen Taylor, the Red Hat Desktop Team member.
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RE: I don't get it
by Anonymous on Mon 16th Sep 2002 12:47 UTC

>Is it because Redhat is so popular. Is that the problem
>with Redhat giving KDE a skin?

No thats not the problem, having a common skin is a very fine thing to have.

There is not one single KDE core developer who complained about the unified theme Red Hat developed for Gnome, KDE, GTK+, Qt, XMMS, and Mozilla or about the popularity of Red Hat. They complain about other things. It all has already been sayed. If you are really interested what kde developers complain about, read in the KDE core development mailing list archive. It's all open for the public.