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Red Hat "We see the desktop as only a piece of the entire operating system product; integration must extend beyond the desktop. We also believe that users care most about functionality and integration rather than the underlying technology. For these reasons, we have created a single desktop look and feel for Red Hat Linux rather than maintaining two unrelated configurations." Very good stuff over there from Owen Taylor, the Red Hat Desktop Team member.
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wow you people are incedible!
by bytes256 on Mon 16th Sep 2002 13:43 UTC

why do all of you people continue to bitch and complain and whine about the defaults...guess what, they're DEFAULTS you can change them...on linux you can change them quite a lot...including swtiching your freakin window manager to something else...or you can install Ximian Gnome overtop of Red Hat's Gnome distro or go grab stock KDE for just don't see the fucking problem here...

how many windows users do you see that still use the default configuration? and Linux users are supposed to be slightly more sophisticated right?

oh here's another hint...there's a nice little program red hat bundles called 'switchdesk' ...makes it pretty easy to switch to a different desktop

and nobody is forcing you to use Red Hat...there's a few other options in the linux world

so anyway...stop bitching...if you like Red Hat Null...coool
if you don't shut up and move on...simple as fucking that