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Red Hat "We see the desktop as only a piece of the entire operating system product; integration must extend beyond the desktop. We also believe that users care most about functionality and integration rather than the underlying technology. For these reasons, we have created a single desktop look and feel for Red Hat Linux rather than maintaining two unrelated configurations." Very good stuff over there from Owen Taylor, the Red Hat Desktop Team member.
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by rajan r on Mon 16th Sep 2002 14:16 UTC

Anonymous: Does this mean that the once Gnome favored RedHat is now going to tweak it to make it look more like KDE?

GNOME is RH Null look nothing like the standard GNOME 2 you can download off GNOME's FTP servers.

In my opinion however that Null looks better than both KDE 3.0.x and GNOME 2.0.x. Feel free to disagree.

Anonymous: Gnome is doing the right thing. Period. I just wish KDE had a workable menu system so that they could have that be the default setup.

What is so bad about KDE's menu system?

Anonymous: Yeah, right. After 4 years of hacking and many many million dollars shoved into their hands they don't even have a usable file dialog or a world-class component system.

I find Bonobo much more forward looking than KParts ever was. KParts was designed to fix one (or perhaps two) problems, Bonobo is bringing the power of CORBA to GNOME. CORBA has many features that KDE can't even think of, including a large set of language support. Another feature is that if component A is compiled with GCC 3, and component B is compiled with GCC 2.9, and component C is compiled with ICC, they all work together through CORBA.

And on the file dialogs, KDE didn't do much innovation with that, they copied the idea from Windows. GNOME 2.2 would come with a better file dialog that would be something like Mac OS X's, Windows', RISC OS, Amiga OS etc. combined together. Taking the best UI features and properly integrating them of course.

Anonymous: Red Hat patches KDE to [...] remove the about dialog, which credits the KDE project[...]

I don't see the GNOME developers get all worked up over this. It is the KDE developers. Perhaps because Red Hat is more pro-GNOME and they see this as an insult.

Mutiny: I can't see any KDE on my system with the default install. All the KDE stuff seemed to be on disk 3 and I never used that one.

All the major KDE stuff is on Disk 2.

korrel: Why don't they take out kde than if they want everybody have the same desktop ? Isn't that the easiest solution.

Some people would rather use KDE, even if it comes with a different look. You don't seem to understand: KDE isn't all about looks, it is mainly about the way they arrange things, the way stuff integrates and "just works".

Besides, KDE isn't installed by default, it is practically not installing it.

korrel: I stay with Mandrake I like my freedom to choice for myself what I think is best.

Mandrake used to be the best, now everything else is better than it. Nothing much changed from Mdk 8.2 to 9.0 except it became more uglier and the control center more stable and the entire distro faster.

George: i am not a friend of redhat nor am i a friend of the comercialism of the gnome desktop and no, i am no kde user. [...]

One reall gotta wonder: where did you get the stats?

Besides, on GNOME Foundation, the roles blah blah blah, you have the right to make your own contribution. Suddenly got a rare innovative idea? Write code, contribute it. Sun, RH and Ximian just provides paid developers, and they contribute a lot of stuff to GNOME, like the Accessilblity Toolkit.

I wouldn't believe it for a minute if GNOME direction is based on commercial interest. The top guns behind GNOME Foundation, that basicly directs future GNOME development are from 3 rival companies. RH and Sun are now arch-rivals and have different visions for the desktop. Sun and Ximian are at odds over .NET and Java. RH and Ximian relationship doesn't involve publicly denouncing the other company, but isn't a rosy either.

Sure, they help each other a lot. Sun pays Ximian, RH pays Ximian, etc. But they don't see things eye to eye, especially when it comes to GNOME.

Besides, most of KDE main developers are hired by companies like SuSE and Mandrake.....

George: not to mention that redhat nowadays is the most hated distribution ever.

As well as the most money making distro. Besides, I have never seen a beta recieved so much positive comments. I once hated Red Hat's products, now I can't wait to buy a box set of RH 8.0

Don't judge RH 8.0 (Null) as the same as previous releases of RH.

Anonymous: You KDE guys have been poisoned by the QT concept of not being able to sell commercial apps without paying QT.

The people behind KDE couldn't care less about commercialism. The people behind FSF couldn't care about commercialism. People that refuse to pay $2,000 and choose something else for being cheaper and not better is being stupid.

Besides, with Qt, one could easily port their software to multiple platforms (Windows and Mac). And most commercial third party developers for Linux would probably like to enter other potentially more profitable markets.

John Blink: Everytime I read about Lycoris, I don't see people complaining about it. Yet everytime I read about I always read

Maybe at KDE's mailing list.... but here? I can't remember how many times I bitch about Lycoris' theme. (But it is mainly because it is an unprofessional ripoff).

gort: and not in line with where linux excels. Linux will never be a desktop OS, at least in the vane of the M$ products

Accroading to IDC, Linux is the second most major player in the desktop market, and the only major contender to Microsoft in the x86 desktop market. Heck, if Microsoft were to have a retrial, they wouldn't be considered a monopoly anymore.

But the bloat you mention: use Windows, use Mac OS X. By your defination, they are all bloat. Hmmm, interesting. Strangely enough, you pick horridly difficult to use WMs as better candidates for Linux on the desktop.

Anonymous: I just read a response, say no to commercialism. Get a job you hippie. Gnome will win out wait and see, sun supports it.

Sun isn't a major player in the desktop market. Why would GNOME win because of Sun? Twisted logic, my friend.