Linked by Andy Roberts on Mon 6th Jun 2005 18:19 UTC
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AUCTex as LaTeX editor
by Greg on Mon 6th Jun 2005 19:37 UTC

I used AUCTex simply because it's a cross-platform solution. AUXTex runs under EMACS and EMACS runs whenever it wants. So I can move between Win XP and UNIX environment with no apparent change of the editing environment.

INcidently, under Windows I've tried different LaTeX editors, but nothing can beat AUCTex in terms of parsing the source and highlighting the staff. And that pretty much is the major way to write a clean LaTeX code before you run it to convert to DVI.

Incidently - there is yet another related component available under GNU framework, the one which allows to preview the typesetting results So you don't have to compile complete document. Just highlight the part you're interested in, and it shows how it will look like. In a future issue of AUXTex, this component will be integrated into AUCTex (now it's a separate program). Should be very nice then --- but I like AUCTEx even the way it is now.

Finally, I don't really care about LyX because it sort of goes against the spirit of LaTeX, that is, *not* being the WYSIWYG. My personal opinion, of course.