Linked by Andy Roberts on Mon 6th Jun 2005 18:19 UTC
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beautiful document in TeX
by Lakedaemon on Mon 6th Jun 2005 19:44 UTC

Here is an example of a complex (french) mathematical documents written in TeX, with graphs, pictures, dingbats, fonts, colors, and jokes...

Written with TeX with the "pstricks package", the 200 pages of this french document take about 4s to compile (on my Athlon XP2200+) but you have to compile it twice (double pass compilation) to get the automatic labels right.

In Words..if you change something (in say a 50 pages documents), it sometimes takes a few minutes to get all the calculations done...and the result isn't very oftent satisfying.

Besides, in TeX, I can easily write around 3 or 4 pages full of mathematical formulas in an hour (try to beat that in word)...

TeX (the language on wich LaTeX was built) is actually faster and easier to understand and to customize (with macros) than LaTeX...