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Features, Office Anyone who has used Microsoft Word for a reasonable amount of time will recognise my very own Andy's Laws on Word:
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Just my $0.02. I can almost guarentee that anything done in a math dept. will be done with LaTex - only a madperson would fight with Word Equation Editor! I used LaTex to write my PhD thesis and what a godsend! References, Figures, equations, all easily referenced, put exactly where I wanted them..ahh bliss. Contrast this with those who choose Word and manually reference Figures (meaning when they added a new one, they had to go back and update all the numbers) and ever try to get a Figure in Word to sit exactly where you want it? The only sad thing is, most non-math centred journals do not support LaTex for final submission (PDF can be used during the initial review stage) - meaning I have to fight with Word every damn time I write a manuscript!