Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 6th Jun 2005 22:01 UTC
Editorial Today's confirmation that Apple is going x86 makes today a historic day in the industry. It may mean that Microsoft might see a few percent decline of their market share the next few years, but what about Linux? If Linux were to lose an equal amount of share it would alter its spread to the desktop, a spread that has been very positive so far.
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x86 Apple
by Tim on Tue 7th Jun 2005 02:14 UTC

They still don’t get it. Apple just doesn’t get it.
This is just one less reason to buy a Mac.
For more than a decade I’ve heard how MACS ARE THE BEST because of technology they use: NuBUS, SCSI, Power PC.
Then I see them abandon it.
It took Apple eight or ten years to fully update their operating system to run on Power PC.
How many dollars have you spent on upgrades from 7.5 to 8.0 to 9.2, X?
Each time the hyperbole about THE BEST operating system touted “MORE NATIVE CODE.”
Installing one upgrade after another, finding out along the way that many applications no longer work, there was still enough code emulation going on under the hood to slow things down.
Now they are going want me to believe that it is a trivial matter to switch to a different microprocessor. They are going to want me to believe that my world will be better if I fatten Steve Job’s wallet.
Their sales pitch will be designed to make me forget the fact that Windows has the market share Apple thinks they deserve is because IBM lost control of the proprietary hardware paradigm twenty some years ago.
Windows and Linux both run on almost any combination of hardware components that a 14 year-old can jam together and power up; that is the strength they have in the marketplace.
But Apple stubbornly clings to their belief that by claiming to be THE BEST, and repeating it like a mantra, there will be enough new converts to give their little religion some significance.