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Features, Office Anyone who has used Microsoft Word for a reasonable amount of time will recognise my very own Andy's Laws on Word:
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re: stuck in english
by Will on Tue 7th Jun 2005 04:04 UTC


Well, ConTeXt has localized commands in at least English, German, and Dutch. I don't know of any similar effort for LaTeX itself, although it does have localized output via the babel package, which as well as translating the names of document components (e.g., in Spanish: "Section" -> "Sección"), also tries to honor the local typographic conventions (e.g., comma instead of decimal point) and hyphenation rules. What is more, LaTeX has good support for different input encodings, so you can easily use, for example, utf-8 to directly input text in non-Western languages (see also the Omega, Lambda, and Aleph projects). In principle, I don't see why you couldn't translate the LaTeX command names too.

The Lyx front-end also has an internationalization effort:

Your criticism would also apply to any text-oriented system: XML, HTML, any programming language you care to mention - with the possible exception of binary machine code ;)