Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 6th Jun 2005 22:01 UTC
Editorial Today's confirmation that Apple is going x86 makes today a historic day in the industry. It may mean that Microsoft might see a few percent decline of their market share the next few years, but what about Linux? If Linux were to lose an equal amount of share it would alter its spread to the desktop, a spread that has been very positive so far.
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by Micheas on Tue 7th Jun 2005 09:53 UTC

I would guess that this means that if PhotoShop, for example, gets ported to OS X intel, There is a real chance that Gnustep would run the PhotoShop as well. (ok, with a lot of library tweaking, but I suspect someone would be motivated to make the translation work)

I have a friend that converted to OS X about three years ago and he complained about the fact that a lot of Linux software just does not compile on OS X. I am guessing that this is less of an issue, but darwin ports lists 2,500 ports as compared to the 12,500 ports listed at and the 15,500 packages at debian

I don't know that this won't make it easier for Linux to claim even more UNIX marketshare, as more and more OS X apps are closer to running on Linux.

Gnome and KDE are slowly converging, GnuStep could enter the mix if it added applications that are in demand.