Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 6th Jun 2005 22:01 UTC
Editorial Today's confirmation that Apple is going x86 makes today a historic day in the industry. It may mean that Microsoft might see a few percent decline of their market share the next few years, but what about Linux? If Linux were to lose an equal amount of share it would alter its spread to the desktop, a spread that has been very positive so far.
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Re: In a Word ...
by nimble on Tue 7th Jun 2005 10:49 UTC

What's going to happen is that Apple is going to sell you a Mac PC for a far, far higher price than a white-box for no gain whatsoever, they're going to lock Mac OS X to that hardware and they're going to sue the arse off anyone that tries to run it on anything else. Doesn't sound much of a competitor to me.

Yes, Apple won't officially support generic PC hardware because they don't have the drivers, because it would kill their hardware business, and because they need Microsoft's Office. Therefore they'll come down hard on anyone trying to sell PCs with MacOS pre-installed.

But they might quietly tolerate people hacking and installing OS X on their PCs, because that would be limited to a relatively small number of geeks who probably wouldn't be buying Macs anyway. In fact, Apple might welcome the mindshare and the Darwin driver development they could gain from that.