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Re: S-Polynomial
by Andy Roberts on Tue 7th Jun 2005 18:35 UTC

"Look at the difficulty that S-Polynomial caused. How can anybody possibly claim the LaTeX allows one to concentrate on the meaning and not the layout? So LaTeX fails by its own criteria."

Hyphenation of hyphenated words is not straight-forward. It could be argued that from a typesetting perspective, S-polynomial shouldn't be allowed to be split over a line. It doesn't look good.

There are other conventions too, like how cross-references are displayed, e.g., "see Section 1.2". The "Section" and "1.2" should always remain together and not span multiple lines. In Latex, this can be achieved with 'hard spaces'.

Don't forget, some of the complaints with Latex are due to an ignorance of tried and tested typesetting rules.