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Err, sorry. Wrong thread ;)



How can anybody possibly claim the LaTeX allows one to concentrate on the meaning and not the layout?

You know, I kind of half agree with you there. With LaTeX the barriers between "content" and "layout" are a lot more porous than with, say, XML. Although this can sometimes be a source of problems, I think that LaTeX has the balance about right. After all, sometimes the layout is the content, or part of it.

you've guessed, I'm a LaTeX-hater and an Emacs-hater

Yeah, I guessed as much ;) Seriously, I have come across a handful of colleagues with similar attitudes - despite being obviously highly intelligent, they refuse to "get" LaTeX and demand that all document preparation be happy-clappy, pointy-clicky. They do seem to be a very tiny minority, though, at least in my line of work. Is this down to some difference in brain structure, some traumatic childhood experience with backslashes, or what?

By the way, how do you feel about GUI front-ends like lyx? Personally, I find these inferior to emacs+AUCTeX+RefTeX as a LaTeX "IDE", but a good fraction of my colleagues and students prefer them. Different strokes, I guess.

but clerical and secretarial staff always prefer WYSIWYG

I'd have to agree with Rayiner that secretarial staff (like the rest of us) are creatures of habit. Feed them LaTeX from the cradle and they'll never look back!