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Debian and its clones A configuration mistake in the new Debian Linux distribution has forced a fix less than 24 hours after the software was released. "New installs [of Debian 3.1 from CD and DVD] will not get security updates by default," said Debian developer Colin Watson in an e-mail warning. Installations from floppy disks or network servers were not affected.
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Its fixed ...
by Moulinneuf on Wed 8th Jun 2005 11:31 UTC

"will not get security updates by default"

What ? they tried to be Like Microsoft Windows Xp and ship without security updates ? ;-)

Come on Debian ! You will have to achieve better then that at the Microsoft Security Test and Release.

First your machine must allow 10 hacker minimum to connect to it at all time , anytime , anywhere ...

Second they must allow for root kit to install without asking for anything to install ...

Third after 15 seconds online you must have add 45 attempt at breaking in the machine from spyware , virus , and DotBot ...

You Lazy Debian developper !!!!!

All kidding apart , anyone know if they already remastered the first DVD and the CD with the software that install this , and replaced the faulty one on the ftp and elsewhere ... ?

Luckily its already known and fixed for most people , they should release a software patch that one can easily apt-get ... For those who dont feel like getting a new CD

Funny thing how *this* made NEWS on much more that many sites , millions times faster then the news it whas released ...

It serve to show that in GNU/Linux bugs are fixed and told the same day , even when its embarrasiing a little , because security in GNU/Linux is not a joke.