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Debian and its clones A configuration mistake in the new Debian Linux distribution has forced a fix less than 24 hours after the software was released. "New installs [of Debian 3.1 from CD and DVD] will not get security updates by default," said Debian developer Colin Watson in an e-mail warning. Installations from floppy disks or network servers were not affected.
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by joe on Wed 8th Jun 2005 12:46 UTC

how about just rolling out a patch or a simple replace this file with this one and then fixing it in any point releases...

i love ZDNET statement
"Debian is not the only high-profile software project to be forced to fix a dangerous security flaw in short order after the time of release."

a DANGEROUS security flaw.... I would say a oopsy booboo

Heck, the installer use to ask you if you wanted updates and so forth. Run apt-setup and I am sure it will ask you and I would hope enable it.