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Debian and its clones A configuration mistake in the new Debian Linux distribution has forced a fix less than 24 hours after the software was released. "New installs [of Debian 3.1 from CD and DVD] will not get security updates by default," said Debian developer Colin Watson in an e-mail warning. Installations from floppy disks or network servers were not affected.
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RE:Irony at its best
by Andrea on Wed 8th Jun 2005 13:24 UTC

/me using unstable (sid)
and I have this:

deb stable/updates main

mmm it seems I forgot to add contrib and non-free ? :-D

Today I launched apt-get dist-upgrade on my sid and then launching gnome, I saw some packages upgraded to 2.10 finally, the top and the bottom bars disapperead...

/me using fluxbox right now...