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Red Hat "We see the desktop as only a piece of the entire operating system product; integration must extend beyond the desktop. We also believe that users care most about functionality and integration rather than the underlying technology. For these reasons, we have created a single desktop look and feel for Red Hat Linux rather than maintaining two unrelated configurations." Very good stuff over there from Owen Taylor, the Red Hat Desktop Team member.
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Re: to rajan r
by Anonymous on Tue 17th Sep 2002 07:38 UTC

--quoted by rajan r--
Wrong. The deviration work must have the copyright sign on their source code, regardless of what license it is under. No credit need to be given. In fact, there is an advertising clause that limits the amount of credit one can give.
--/quoted by rajan r--

Yes, that's what I mean.. I should have said copyright instead credit for the better word. English isn't my native language, but thanks for point out to correction my post. ;)