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Features, Office Anyone who has used Microsoft Word for a reasonable amount of time will recognise my very own Andy's Laws on Word:
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Just a few remarks
by renoX on Thu 9th Jun 2005 21:10 UTC

>The fact is that people prefer what they're used to.

Not necessarily true, I'm used to Word but I think that it sucks: FrameMaker is (well was: it's been years since I used it) much, much better.

As for Latex formatting, I don't know why people like it so much: when I was preparing a thesis (a long time ago 1996), I could easily see the paper made using Latex: images were often not on the same pages as the text which referred to it, which sucks from a readability point of view, sometimes the images were all put at the end of the chapter, which is even worse.

Also back then, Latex sucked for internationalisation, but I think this have been fixed..

I tried to learn it once and concluded that this sh****^Wpoor language wasn't for me..
I hope that a better language such as skribe will replace it eventually, but I'm not holding my breath..