Linked by Andy Roberts on Thu 9th Jun 2005 20:58 UTC
Java The recent announcement from Apache regarding their plans to embark on their own J2SE implementation called Harmony has re-ignited the long-running Java/OSS debate. James "Father of Java" Gosling reacted in an unexpected way by giving a misleading view of what open source is really all about. Now that the dust has settled a little bit, it's time for an article that is not championing the cause for the relicensing of Sun's implementation under more permissive, open source terms, but simply a look at what could (and could not) happen under the open source model.
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RE: re: Gosling DID say something misleading
by Tyr on Thu 9th Jun 2005 22:44 UTC

Yes, exactly. By contrast I don't see *BSD remerging anytime soon. Not that that would necessarily be better. I can see the point of each of the main BSD's (Free, Net, Open) foci. I just don't much see the point of the others.

The 3 main BSD's are pretty much all that matter, all the others are minor variants of the kind Linux has too. Experimental stuff.
And the BSD's share a lot of code, a lot of innovations in NetBSD and OpenBSD go into FreeBSD for example (RcNG, openSSH, ..)