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Java The recent announcement from Apache regarding their plans to embark on their own J2SE implementation called Harmony has re-ignited the long-running Java/OSS debate. James "Father of Java" Gosling reacted in an unexpected way by giving a misleading view of what open source is really all about. Now that the dust has settled a little bit, it's time for an article that is not championing the cause for the relicensing of Sun's implementation under more permissive, open source terms, but simply a look at what could (and could not) happen under the open source model.
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RE:os Java
by Ravnos on Fri 10th Jun 2005 02:01 UTC

For example take the Mono project - instead of beeing innovative and starting a solution of their own when Microsoft announced .NET they waited until .NET was huge and then just tried to "make something similar".

Such an ignorant comment. Perhaps you'd like to explain how else I'm supposed to run .NET apps on non-Windows OSes? And before you make any comments about that being the point of .NET, I'd like to point out that one of the big selling points of .NET was similar to one of Java's (it's supposed to be totally cross-platform). Since MS didn't want to make a version of the .NET framework available to *nix developers/users, the Mono guys took Microsoft's published standards and developed their own compatible implementation. Sounds to me like that's what the Apache people want to do.