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Original OSNews Interviews The days of the plain filesystems like FAT32 and ext2 seem to have past. Newer operating systems are offering journal, 64-bit filesystems, with features like supporting terrabytes of filesizes or attaching attributed meta-data in them. Today we are interviewing (in a given set of questions) the main people behind IBM's JFS, NameSys' ReiserFS and SGI's XFS. Read on about the status of their filesystems, their abilities and what they are aiming for the future.
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Did you know
by MP on Thu 30th Aug 2001 00:40 UTC

..that Microsoft stopped work on their WebSystemFS (used in Exchange 2000), to merge the codebase with MSSQL and NTFS? I think Microsoft is actively adding the "Live query" and meta-data to NTFS (with other stuff too).