Linked by Andy Roberts on Thu 9th Jun 2005 20:58 UTC
Java The recent announcement from Apache regarding their plans to embark on their own J2SE implementation called Harmony has re-ignited the long-running Java/OSS debate. James "Father of Java" Gosling reacted in an unexpected way by giving a misleading view of what open source is really all about. Now that the dust has settled a little bit, it's time for an article that is not championing the cause for the relicensing of Sun's implementation under more permissive, open source terms, but simply a look at what could (and could not) happen under the open source model.
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Re: @Ray
by Ray Gans on Sat 11th Jun 2005 00:19 UTC

Thanks Andy. It's a common misconception and we're just trying to assure people, "it ain't so." [grin]

Sun wants to encourage developers to look at what we're doing with Mustang (J2SE 6.0) and to contribute in making Java better. We want to be more transparent with the developer community by showing what we're doing and explaining how decisions are made. We're publishing weekly snapshots of the builds (source and binaries) for experimentation and testing, and through more readable licenses, we're trying to provide assurance to developers that they won't get locked into awkward situations (like contamination).

Check it out if you haven't and please consider submitting a fix to a nagging bug or let us where we're going wrong.

Ray Gans
Sun Microsystems