Linked by Claus Futtrup on Mon 13th Jun 2005 18:12 UTC
Slackware, Slax I chose Minislack because of the low requirements (running fine on my Pentium II - 400 MHz with 256 Mb RAM, 32 Mb swap, on a 1.5 Gb harddrive partition - I recommend 2 Gb, though).
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Another Option
by Greg Facer on Mon 13th Jun 2005 20:24 UTC

Another low-resource distro is Beatrix. I just tried it the other day to set up a computer for someone looking for work (for email, resumes, etc). It comes with Gnome 2.8, OpenOffice, Evolution, Firefox, and not a lot else.

As it is debian/unbuntu derived, I got flash, a better PDF viewer, xmms and set up VNC server (for tech support if needed) with apt-get and that was it.

Nice a simple distro for people that just need to do the basics, without even caring about wheither it is linux or windows.

Heck, I'm even playing around with it on my "linux laptop", as it seems to be a really good way to set-up debian and then add to it.

If I had used slackware, minislack would likely be great, but beatrix works well for those with some debian experience.