Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 18th Sep 2002 02:30 UTC
Oracle and SUN These days, the big players in the Linux "purely-desktop market" are Lycoris, Lindows, ELX and the much awaited Xandros Desktop 1.0. OSNews got their hands to the latest version of Xandros (beta3b) and we are giving it a whirl. Read more for information and screenshots.
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Linux on the desktop
by Joe user on Wed 18th Sep 2002 04:03 UTC

Call me when I can walk down to compusa and buy photoshop and quicken and any of the other 1000 retail titles they have on display.

I've been using linux since 1997 and I did the linux desktop route for 2 years straight. No cheating either ALL I used was linux. Being that I am not a programmer or web developer, that was quite an accomplishment. Since that time every few months I check in on the linux desktop, but you know what? The same problems I had years ago happen now. Terrible fonts. No Big OEM or ISV support and general a lack of polish. Even with something like Lycoris which on the outside looks nice, just beneath the skin lies a huge headache for the average user. I sit here and watch the UI get focused on, and yet the glaring reality of it is the real problem is the big companies necessary for a "linux desktop" to become pervasive have passed on linux as a desktop. I'm talking about companies like Adobe, Intuit, and yes even Microsoft. I still use linux for server use, but since windows 2000 came out the idea of using linux as a desktop has just become unappealing. Now there are plenty of people who are willing to put up with Linux's massive shortcomings as a desktop, but I am no longer one of them.