Linked by Claus Futtrup on Mon 13th Jun 2005 18:12 UTC
Slackware, Slax I chose Minislack because of the low requirements (running fine on my Pentium II - 400 MHz with 256 Mb RAM, 32 Mb swap, on a 1.5 Gb harddrive partition - I recommend 2 Gb, though).
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Low requirements?
by Al Dente on Tue 14th Jun 2005 15:33 UTC

I'll have to give this distro a try. Currently my favorite small fast distro is Vector. The distro I most frequently use is Knoppix because I can run it on any PC with a CDROM drive without even installing it!

I don't see this as low hardware requirments. When I first started using Linux my home computer was a 25 MHz 386sx with 4 MB of RAM and a 80 MB hard disk which I divided half for MSDOS5/Win3.1 and half for SLS Linux. Yes Linux used to fit on a 40MB partition including gcc and development tools, TeX, and X386 (mono only because of my video card). My work computer was even more pathetic being a 16 MHz 386sx with 2 MB of RAM. I did have Linux on it as well and though I couldn't run X I was able to run my console in 132/50 and have multiple windows in emacs. When Linux started compressing the kernel it would no longer run on my 2 MB RAM work computer so I switched to NetBSD which was happy with that little RAM.

I've tried some of the linux on a floppy distros which themselves are impressive accomplishments but not particularily useful. One of my plans is to make a mini-knoppix that will fit on a 185MB mini CD-R.