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Oracle and SUN These days, the big players in the Linux "purely-desktop market" are Lycoris, Lindows, ELX and the much awaited Xandros Desktop 1.0. OSNews got their hands to the latest version of Xandros (beta3b) and we are giving it a whirl. Read more for information and screenshots.
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Is Windows cloning good?
by rajan r on Wed 18th Sep 2002 06:06 UTC

Stug, Microsoft had changed Windows user interface drastically many times. Does this damper adoption of Windows? No. For example, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 - they both *look* and *act* differently, and changes are minimal. Did Windows 3.1 users shy away from Windows 95 because of its UI? (Many did turn down Win95 because of its performance, but not because of its UI). Windows 3.1 users can very well jump to System 7.5/8 ot OS/2...

My point? Making a copy of another UI wouldn't help them, *especially* if the copy isn't a direct replica of Windows. People are willing to learn something new *IF* they get something from it. Now Linux is getting a lot of market share in the desktop market, no thanks to what Eugenia calls the major 3 distros, because of a few advantages, mainly security and price.

The only people these companies can atract is basic consumers (like you ma, pa, grandma, grandpa...). These people are not interested in Linux. It gives nothing extra to them. Why move to something else? Ask yourself that :-). Plus these people are normally confused with Windows UI (first hand experience), copying it won't help them.

The only groups of people that are willing to move to Linux is the corporate market. Sadly, only Red Hat sees that. Caldera once saw that, but lost a lot of focus.

So in other words, my point is that people WON'T move to Linux even if you can't tell the two apart. There isn't any compeling reason. Look at Apple's Switch ads, these people moved to Mac OS because of a *COMPELING REASON* (whom most of it is null and void by now). They didn't move because it looks like Windows. Yeah, its market share is dropping, but to no fault of its OS, but its pricing.

And what's even more worse than a pure replica of Windows? An half baked one! When people get out and buy a Lycoris box from CompUSA, they would saw... "Hey, this looks familar!"...... then they meet with a lot of infamilarities, and then pass it off and confusing. If the person doesn't find it familar in the first place, he is more willing to learn and explore.

I'm done with this rant :-)

PS: I never actually tried Xandros (like I can anyway). I'm making judgements from reviews and screenshots. However, I have tried both Lindows and Lycoris and ELX. (And if you are wondering, ELX who claims it is as good as Windows, lost to last place).