Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 18th Sep 2002 02:30 UTC
Oracle and SUN These days, the big players in the Linux "purely-desktop market" are Lycoris, Lindows, ELX and the much awaited Xandros Desktop 1.0. OSNews got their hands to the latest version of Xandros (beta3b) and we are giving it a whirl. Read more for information and screenshots.
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Do we really need this ?
by freddy on Wed 18th Sep 2002 06:42 UTC

This is just going to get so damn confusing for newbies to Linux.

The sheer amount of choice they are going to be faced with, will surely force most of them back to the familiar world of microsoft windows.

Do we really need yet another 'Linux for the desktop' distro ?
Does Linux really need to be broken down into these areas, when current Distros like Redhat and Mandrake already offer the option to easily install a Workstation/Server or Development system from the same installation CD's ?

This is redundant work - there's nothing new here at all.