Linked by Claus Futtrup on Mon 13th Jun 2005 18:12 UTC
Slackware, Slax I chose Minislack because of the low requirements (running fine on my Pentium II - 400 MHz with 256 Mb RAM, 32 Mb swap, on a 1.5 Gb harddrive partition - I recommend 2 Gb, though).
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Nobody's mentioned 2.6 kernel standard
by joe f. on Wed 15th Jun 2005 18:17 UTC

I've used Minislack on my laptop, which is not hurting in the hardware department (AMD64 3000, 768 MB Ram, 5400 rpm/8MB cache hard drive). I did it because Minislack uses the 2.6 kernel standard. And, 32-bit Minislack with Fluxbox is faster than any of the 64-bit distros I tried, even using Fluxbox on them. Unfortunately, I couldn't get NDISwrapper working on Minislack 1.1 (and Slamd64, the 64-bit Slackware port, just gave me another segmentation fault during installation). Back to Debian, I guess.

Overall, I like Minislack, fast and light. It's not tempting me to take Slackware current off my desktop machine, but I'm going to give it another shot on my laptop before I go back to Debian.