Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 18th Sep 2002 02:30 UTC
Oracle and SUN These days, the big players in the Linux "purely-desktop market" are Lycoris, Lindows, ELX and the much awaited Xandros Desktop 1.0. OSNews got their hands to the latest version of Xandros (beta3b) and we are giving it a whirl. Read more for information and screenshots.
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by xeta prime on Wed 18th Sep 2002 13:06 UTC

I get the reviewers comment about competing with ELX and Lycoris...ELX in my opinion except for some bugs in pre-gold, was I believe even more user friendly than lycoris. I loved the "send to floppy" and "format" in the menu...who else has that? And Lycoris's new look I believe went a bit cheesey in 4.6 and their "paradise-like" wallpaper was out of focus...ooh I'm sorry I don't mean to grip since what I really want to ask is where do they get off throwing "LINDOWS" in there!!! What? because of the publicity or that it made it to Walmart??? Lindows??? Lindows failed in it's first mission to run windows programs like no other distro, then took another approach with "click-N-run"...anyway Through my distro-journey I discovered "Vector Soho" it rocks! It is geeky to install but darn stable and comes with stuff that works! When ELX releases their final I will look forward to test-driving it. And I do want to explore "xandros" I think I was more excited months and months back when I first heard about it. It does look very much like the "Corel" version which is a little disappointing with such beautious distros as Connectiva out there...but LINDOWS, new kid going nowhere fast.