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Oracle and SUN These days, the big players in the Linux "purely-desktop market" are Lycoris, Lindows, ELX and the much awaited Xandros Desktop 1.0. OSNews got their hands to the latest version of Xandros (beta3b) and we are giving it a whirl. Read more for information and screenshots.
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rajan you are OK
by appleforever on Thu 19th Sep 2002 11:24 UTC

Just wrong on a few things. So am I, I am sure.

I don't think Apple should be able to sue people for copying things (ideas, concepts), just code or really specific implementations of things. As much as I hate to say this, I would like MS to copy everything great about the mac. Including the iApps.

If it weren't for MS, I'd still be paying 5K for a mac.

I'm really not that much in a bubble. I use win 2K at work every day and XP at home (mostly for games, experimentation and music creation (OS X is extremely promising here, but stuff is just starting to show up and let's be honest, the mac could use some more CPU horsepower for this application).

I tried Linux and am still interested in that. I bought Suse for a thinkpad I bought on ebay for $150. Problem was the 233 processor powers 98Se with no problem, but Linux seems to have poorer performance with GUIs.

Of course corporations with IT depts don't care much about hardware/software integration. They have the resources to solve the problems that come up. Plus they eliminate a lot of problems by locking down desktops so you can't install things and so on.

The switcher adds properly focus on the bottom line -- the mac works better, e.g., with digicams and video -- rather than on the technical reason for that (one company rather than 4 providing the functionality).

Apple does identify hardware/software integration as the explanation as the reason why the mac works well, which is the number one reason listed on their Switch website for switching.

Most people don't care about it? Well, I would say most people (losts of whome are pretty ignorant about computers, lets be honest) haven't thought about it.

I am going to Micro center to look at those Sony apps this weekend if I get a chance.

But I really think MS needs to do iApps. There's a lot of value in built in apps everyone can comment on, subject to bug checks, etc. On the mac, all the energy of the platform are focused on making the iApps great. MS needs to replicate the same thing.

I know, you say that's an antitrust problem. But MS already has moviemaker and the my picture folder. So they should be able to include things that are not a joke. Plus, it would go a long way if it were easy to select what app you wanted to open things. The mac has some of this - there's a tab in the control panels for picking the app you want to open when you put in a picture Cd, for example.