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Original OSNews Interviews One of my popular articles shortly after I joined OSNews in 2001 proved to be "the big *BSD interview" and so it is only appropriate to end my serving at OSNews with a similar theme. Today we are very happy to host a Q&A with well-known FreeBSD developers John Baldwin, Robert Watson and Scott Long. We discuss about FreeBSD 6 and its new features, the competition, TrustedBSD, Darwin etc.
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Re: Luis Lima
by Celerate on Fri 24th Jun 2005 04:05 UTC

"Did you get tired of the 'same old, same old', nothing new, the lack of imagination of the developers and their implementations based on their narrow mindness?"

It's very eays to criticize when you are the one reading the news instead of one of the people that makes the news; what you said was not constructive criticism, it was a very non-specific rude remark followed by an insult.

When you are ready to write complicated programs and innovate software as we know it then you can say something, until then keep your ignorant and rude remarks to yourself. One of the most discourating things about any job or hobby is that it can not only be thankless, but also a constant excuse for ignorant people to insult you and your work; if that is how you want to be, you don't deserve to use software someone actually worked hard to write.