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Original OSNews Interviews One of my popular articles shortly after I joined OSNews in 2001 proved to be "the big *BSD interview" and so it is only appropriate to end my serving at OSNews with a similar theme. Today we are very happy to host a Q&A with well-known FreeBSD developers John Baldwin, Robert Watson and Scott Long. We discuss about FreeBSD 6 and its new features, the competition, TrustedBSD, Darwin etc.
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I'm a late comer to FreeBSD as I started on 5.0.
Having always used Linux, I had this thing to try out FreeBSD and for that 5.0 was choosen (Actually it was an article here on OSNews announcing 5.0 Release that got me started ;) )

But what kept me using it?
- Documentation: Having never used FreeBSD I found the Documentation awesome, which is by itself a VERY IMPORTANT plus over many other OSs.
I read current, stable and sparc on a daily basis and find those mailing lists another good source of information (some deserved to be documented).
- Ports: I have to put up with RPM hell @work. Give me ports/packages any day of the week!
- It just works: most new technologies are supported or will be (WPA on 6.x for example) and will continue to be supported. I recall having to patch every linux kernel with a patch for pptp support(multiple connections) with nat on netfilter that took ages to get incorporated.
- User experience: FreeBSD is an OS. Complete. Everything tied together (kernel + userland), applications (ports/packages), Documentation. It's this one stop shopping that makes it very appealing and friendly to the user. At least for me ;) (1)
I'm a Linux user because of the machines I admin @work but if given the chance I would use FreeBSD, definitily.

Most of my machines now run FreeBSD: I dual boot XP/FreeBSD 5.4 on my laptop (P4m) and my home PC(AMD XP), my firewall/router/proxy is an old Sun Ultra 5 running 5.4
I have some other servers (Web, ftp, fileserver, network monitoring, postgres) running FreeBSD as well.

I've seen the differences from 5.0 all the way to 5.4 and they are noticeable, and from what I've been reading the last few months I'm most eager to upgrade to 6.0!
My congratulations to the Dev Team for they're work, support on the mailing lists and even responding on OSNews ;)

Note: I didn't try to bash Linux. I use Linux and it's great, but from an user experience point of view, mine, FreeBSD comes out in 1st place. Of course, your mileage may vary ;)