Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 23rd Jun 2005 18:11 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews One of my popular articles shortly after I joined OSNews in 2001 proved to be "the big *BSD interview" and so it is only appropriate to end my serving at OSNews with a similar theme. Today we are very happy to host a Q&A with well-known FreeBSD developers John Baldwin, Robert Watson and Scott Long. We discuss about FreeBSD 6 and its new features, the competition, TrustedBSD, Darwin etc.
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by Jud on Fri 24th Jun 2005 13:41 UTC

The FreeBSD installer feels quite natural and useful to me at this point (it had better, I've been installing various versions since around 4.0!). That doesn't mean it can't be improved.

The BSD Installer folks have put out a new tech preview; I haven't tried it yet, but previous versions have seemed to me to do a good job at selecting which decisions can be automated and which should be left to the user. If the FBSD project is looking at this as something it may want to adopt or model its own new installer upon, I'd be pleased about that.