Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 20th Sep 2002 02:15 UTC
Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris A few months ago we wrote a full review of the Lycoris Desktop/LX operating system, but many releases happened since then and some things have changed. The Lycoris folks sent us the latest official version (+ online patches), we tested it, and here is what we think about it.
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Re: Lycoris
by kyle on Fri 20th Sep 2002 04:59 UTC

I'm not a professional interface designer, but I'd figure that there are only so many interface designs that will be easy to use, and offer the user a high level of productivity. The idea of having multiple, floating windows for example, is one that has been proven time and time again. Now take the next logical step, if you have more than 2 or 3 windows, you're going to need a way to keep track of them. A list is the most simple way. Now, what's teh fastest way to click on the list elements to select the active window. Large boxes would work the best; tuck them away at the bottom, top or side of the screen so they don't get in the way. Now add controls to manipulate the window (one to make it larger, one to close it, one to hide it, one that allows the user to drag-resize it).

Geez, starting to sound a lot like Windows, huh?

Now I'll admit, trying to copy the default wallpaper and icon set of Windows XP is just absurd, that doesn't make or break an interface. (however having terribly ugly icons *cough* desktop linux in general *cough* doesn't help at all)

If you ask me, having a fast, functional user interface should be a top priority.

Just remember, until the interface and applications are standardized across the OS, Linux on the desktop doesn't stand a chance. The reason that Linux hasn't become a viable OS alternative isn't because of the 'evil empire', it's because of the applications (or lack of). Mozilla and Open Office are making great progress, but it's just not there yet.