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Original OSNews Interviews One of my popular articles shortly after I joined OSNews in 2001 proved to be "the big *BSD interview" and so it is only appropriate to end my serving at OSNews with a similar theme. Today we are very happy to host a Q&A with well-known FreeBSD developers John Baldwin, Robert Watson and Scott Long. We discuss about FreeBSD 6 and its new features, the competition, TrustedBSD, Darwin etc.
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theres no person like eugenia
by Anonymous on Sat 25th Jun 2005 15:36 UTC

* clicks heels together *
theres no person like eugenia, theres no person like eugenia, theres no person like eugenia,

she just needs to step back and tkae things in stride and realize this is a VERY public place and people are going to express themselves, dear dont let it get to you...... water off a ducks back.....nothing more..... people being the assholes they are, myself included..... In real life I am the most "to each his own" kind of person.... But I love to argue like I am a devout christian on a soul saving quest... ;) all in good fun....

i am looking for a job if anyone is interested ;)
souneedalink (at) yahoo