Linked by Adam S on Sat 25th Jun 2005 19:56 UTC, submitted by Diego Calleja
X11, Window Managers A new acceleration architecture is being ported from kdrive by some QT developers, which will make composition managers like xcompmgr really fast and able to do some of the "display tricks" MacOS X has been doing for awhile.
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RE: RE: Open source driver, Xgl, EXA, XCB a bright futur :)
by Anonymous on Sun 26th Jun 2005 15:14 UTC

I didn't say that Xgl will be going first, And yes EXA will most likely be mainstream before Xgl.

The feature freeze is effctively in jul but i didn't think that EXA will be included in 7.0, i may be wrong. And if my reading are good xorg dev don't want to add any big things, this is what's EXA, in 7.0. If i am wrong on that i would be the first one happy to see this included.

You could ignore my ati/nvidia comment but i was only telling pure fact. IIRC NVidia stated that they didn't want to disclose source of their driver because they use third party technology and haven't right on this stuff. If they didn't want to release source for some strange third party tech OK, but they can at least give specifications.

Another thing i didn't say that Ati was a good company for open source, they didn't help much for this open source driver. Anyway the fact is that now you can have open source
3d opengl driver for all their card. But if you prefer to stick with closed driver it's your choice and nvidia closed driver are far better than ati closed driver...

But i think that some people will appreciate to have a some recent graphic card with open source 3d acceleration. And if they want such card the choice are restriced to intel, unichrome, ati (maybe few others which i don't know)