Linked by Adam S on Sat 25th Jun 2005 19:56 UTC, submitted by Diego Calleja
X11, Window Managers A new acceleration architecture is being ported from kdrive by some QT developers, which will make composition managers like xcompmgr really fast and able to do some of the "display tricks" MacOS X has been doing for awhile.
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RE: Qt gecko port
by Anonymous on Sun 26th Jun 2005 18:26 UTC

Meanwhile gnome development is stuck with answering questions no one is asking, I mean give me a bloody KPDF equivalent not that peace of crap that acrobat is

First, have you even tried Evince? It uses EXACTLY the same rendering backend as KPDF. IT IS THE SAME UTILITY. One has a GTK frontend and another has a Qt frontend.

Also, what's with all the hostility from KDE towards Gnome? I thought people outgrew this years ago. It's very seldom you see users of Gnome bashing KDE's more a policy of "let's both implement standards, and whatever you want to use you go ahead and use."

Really, bashing one desktop or another just because you like something different is childish.