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X11, Window Managers A new acceleration architecture is being ported from kdrive by some QT developers, which will make composition managers like xcompmgr really fast and able to do some of the "display tricks" MacOS X has been doing for awhile.
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RE: On drivers
by Anonymous on Sun 26th Jun 2005 19:35 UTC

I am aware of the patent excuse, but if i am not wrong (when i look to the current situation i am wondering if i didn't misunderstood all this) patent were made so that people will publish their "secret" and it won't be loose. Patent were created to increase creativity.

So now, when a compagny says that they don't want to give specification for patent purpose i don't take that as the real reason. There is no top secret or interesting things to learn from register specification of a chip. Thus i really don't think that the real reason for not publishing specification is only related to patent.

Their secret is in the silicon not in how to send or to setup and play with the chip. There is now revolutionary way to send vertex, texture or other datas...

You told me to google for the patent issue, try google yourself and look at what driver developers says about that. They don't buy this patent excuse, neither i. When you saw once how to program a graphics chips then you know how to program all graphics chips the only matter is to know the new reg address.

Nevertheless nvidia is doing a great closed driver, ati is improving too, but things would be a lot simpler if all this were open.