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Original OSNews Interviews One of my popular articles shortly after I joined OSNews in 2001 proved to be "the big *BSD interview" and so it is only appropriate to end my serving at OSNews with a similar theme. Today we are very happy to host a Q&A with well-known FreeBSD developers John Baldwin, Robert Watson and Scott Long. We discuss about FreeBSD 6 and its new features, the competition, TrustedBSD, Darwin etc.
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FreeBSD Performance
by James Cornell on Mon 27th Jun 2005 13:02 UTC

FreeBSD 5.x Performance does well considering all the other features implemented into the 5.x releases. I did a benchmark on a Compaq Proliant 8500R with Quad 550MHz Intel Pentium III Xeons (2MB L2), 1GB Ram, 64MB Compaq SmartArray (IDA), Hotswap SCSI, Hotplug PCI, etc. The conditions were not timed via a watch, but by eye. Compiling a fully fledged server setup using MySQL 4.1.12, PHP 4.3.11, Apache 2.0.54 w/ OpenSSL, all from source on 2.6.9 enabled Slackware and Gentoo 2005.0, verus FreeBSD 5.3. FreeBSD on MySQL for instance, took a substantially less period of time to complete, I'm guessing 15 minutes to do MySQL 4. Linux took twice that on both distributions, Gentoo being faster then Slackware for obvious performance perks. Although it is on top with speed, I still think they are right about the locking mechninism. I look forward to 6-RELEASE. The reason I stick with FreeBSD as my server platform lies within its maturity. have some fun looking at BSD going all the way back to the 1970's. Good review, thank you for your work.