Linked by Adam S on Sat 25th Jun 2005 19:56 UTC, submitted by Diego Calleja
X11, Window Managers A new acceleration architecture is being ported from kdrive by some QT developers, which will make composition managers like xcompmgr really fast and able to do some of the "display tricks" MacOS X has been doing for awhile.
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RE: "Why, then?"
by Raster on Tue 28th Jun 2005 03:47 UTC

Because we have been busy writing code, not playing politics and pushing things onto people. It isn't widely adopted because "gnome" and kde" havent adopted it. and they wont either. we're not TRYING to get them to adopt it. evas has its uses for specific things. i dont think people realsie exactly what it is. all they see is "ooh pretty" and think that it suddenly applies to a bunch of other things.