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Hardware, Embedded Systems There are increasing rumors that Alpha might be brought back to life. The Inq sets the big 'if' aside and explores the possiblities: "What if there really is a will to get Alpha back into the changed market? What sort of chip would it have to be to have that good chance of success, if any?"
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Regain some reputation.
by rosomak on Thu 30th Jun 2005 13:05 UTC

Alpha - the only truly interesting instruction set out there, which was capable to capitalize the benefits of the RISC principle. And it actually smashed all of it's contenders on the performance field. Look x86 is gross. x86-64 is grabage on top of a garbage heap. PowerPC is ugly like hell if you look at the details. ARM - can't be implemented at GHZ level. HP-PA - a L1 cache with some processing capabilities. Itanium - crap in every aspect. Why on hell did they kill Alpha in first place. The top performance 500 at least would still look very much different if they didn't. And most important of all - it would preserve customers and give lots of reputation back to HP.