Linked by Thom Holwerda on Thu 30th Jun 2005 12:27 UTC
Hardware, Embedded Systems There are increasing rumors that Alpha might be brought back to life. The Inq sets the big 'if' aside and explores the possiblities: "What if there really is a will to get Alpha back into the changed market? What sort of chip would it have to be to have that good chance of success, if any?"
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RE: Regain some reputation.
by renoX on Thu 30th Jun 2005 14:19 UTC

I don't know.. Frankly what's so wrong about the PPC ISA vs Alpha's ISA, okay PPC ISA is a bit more complex, but it isn't bad..
And the Alpha didn't have an interesting vector instruction unit, this variant of the Alpha had it, but it was never produced and has little chance of ever see the day..