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Hardware, Embedded Systems There are increasing rumors that Alpha might be brought back to life. The Inq sets the big 'if' aside and explores the possiblities: "What if there really is a will to get Alpha back into the changed market? What sort of chip would it have to be to have that good chance of success, if any?"
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Re: Alpha vs other RISC
by JJ on Thu 30th Jun 2005 15:06 UTC

<PowerPC doesn't have flag bits. ARM has them but makes good use of them for conditional execution of instructions (thus avoiding branches).>

Last time I looked at it in the H & P book it did, not the single set that x86 or 68k has but IIRC 8 banks of flags so each opcode could choose with a 4th operand which flag bank it was working with.

I always think of PPC as a semi RISC, mostly RISC but with some CISC stuff still hanging in there and way too many codes, not what Cocke had in mind.

Alpha was closer to RISC spirit by far, maybe too much.